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Over 140 Vegan Nail Polishes

Download Shade Chart Here

Step 1: Sea Salt

Pour the salt into warm water, relax and soak feet for five to ten minutes, dry gently with a towel.

Detox & Deodorise

Step 2: Callus Treatment

Wear Gloves and apply callus treatment liberally on callused areas of feet. Wipe away excess product and gently file or buff away calluses using your favourite tool.

Softens & Removes Cuticles

Step 3: Sugar Scrub

Gently massage the sugar scrub on feet and lower legs to remove dry and dead skin. Wipe off and pat dry.


Step 4: Foot Mask

Apply to feet and lower legs, leave on for three to five minutes. Wipe off with a damp towel.

Deeply Cleanse

Step 5: Massage Lotion

Prep your nails. Gently massage feet and lower legs with massage lotion until absorbed. Then paint your nails.

Hydrate & Soothe

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