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The Ultimate Foot System

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Proven solutions for all your foot care needs!

ClearZal® is one of America’s leading Footcare brands, with a focus on quality and effectiveness. Specifically developed for the care of your feet, legs and nails, the ClearZal® range contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients. This means that the products deliver on the claims made on pack!

Used by the Professionals, ClearZal® products are extensively used by Podiatrists and Foot Health Professionals all over the world to keep feet, legs and nails looking and feeling healthy.

ClearZal is a cruelty-free brand and does not conduct or endorse testing on animals. We strive to create products that meet both consumers needs and consumer safety, while respecting animal welfare. Our company does not conduct nor request animal testing in order to substantiate the efficacy of any of our products or raw ingredients.

Proven Solutions for All Your Foot Care Needs. Look no further! ClearZal has all of your foot care needs backed by years of research and case studies!

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Clearzal Antimicrobial (B.A.C) Nail Solution


–  Kills foot fungus, bacteria, and viruses around nails

–  All infected areas healing and conditioning with aloe

–  Helps prevent most athletes’ feet with daily use

–  Effective relief of itching, burning, and cracking

–  Anti-fungal formula repairs skin with maximum strength

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B.A.C Nail Solution

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Foot Food Nutritional Cream

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Hard Skin Remover

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